Focusing On The Opportunity

Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

McDonalds Cook

Money means different things to different people and a McDonalds cook is no exception. It takes time and interest to find that perfect fit for every investor when it comes to Panamanian real estate.

Make sure to really listen without making a quick judgement because you very well may be wrong and you may even learn the difference between whipped and scrambled eggs!

It’s Almost World Cup Time 

Roman TorresPanama will be participating, for the first time ever, in the most watched sporting event on the planet—The World Cup—which will be held in Russia this summer.

You will find facts and reports on my website that you won’t find anywhere else. Of course there will be the bottom line of who wins and who loses, but there will also be feature stories about the players, the Panamanians who travel to Russia and what it feels like to actually be THERE! Please join me in the excitement!

Why It Sometimes Takes Two!

Realtor PanamaReal estate professionals who know their clients well, should consider working with someone who really knows the ins and outs of Panamanian real estate. It’s not a competition if it is the best way to achieve the very best outcome for the client.

Knowledge of the market coupled with knowledge of the individual spells nothing but success for everyone!


Why Not Just Take The Train?

Train ImageIt wasn’t long ago, we had garishly painted old school buses transporting passengers around Panama City, and now those have been replaced by an ultra efficient Metro system and sleek new passenger buses.

The old buses still operate out in the country, but now a feasibility study, authorized and paid for by a Chinese company, has looked at the possibility of building a train route that would carry passengers and cargo throughout Panama.

The study suggests a total of 16 stations beginning in Panama City with stops in Arraiján, La Chorrera, Chame, San Carlos, Rio Hato, Penonomé, Aguadulce, Santa María, Santiago, Soná, Puerto Vidal, Tolé, Cerrillos, La Gloria, and David. This route would essentially follow much of the PanAmerican Highway and would make it much easier for travel throughout the country.