Embracing Panama

Embracing Panama


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There are always lots of questions when someone is considering an international move. Ship or buy locally? What can and cannot be shipped? What about customer service and religion?

Learn about things you have wondered and things you hadn’t even considered in this edition of “Opening the Mailbag”.

Everyone Isn’t Retired

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Expats comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and needs—learn how the Panamanians differ when it comes to generations, leisure pursuits and broadening ones’ world.

There are plenty of those good-looking, of retirement age couples, walking along the beach…

…and then there are lots of expats that don’t fit the mold.

What If I Can’t Learn Spanish?

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Even though Spanish is the official language of Panama, you can get by without being fluent, but it’s better if you know a few words.

Panama’s history is heavily influenced by the United States and many natives speak English, but learn how to respond to those who have not learned your language.


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The mountains in and around Boquete in the far western providence of Chiriqui, will be alive with music when the tenth annual Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival is celebrated February 25-28th.

The town of 25,000, invites the world to join them and enjoy their perfect weather along with international jazz artists such as Marshall Keys from Washington DC and Ronnie Baker Brooks, Chicago.

The Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival is just one of many cultural activities enjoyed in Panama along with the Panama International Contemporary Dance Festival and Fashion Week.