Get The Right Fit

Get The Right Fit

What About Colombia?

Medellin and Panama Skyline at night

The various lists of Best Places To Retire continues to shift and change, but it was a bit of a surprise when Colombia and in particular the city of Medellin, rocketed up the list. Wasn’t Colombia the murder capital of the world? What about the 52 years of civil war? And, can we talk cocaine and marijuana. Yes, let’s talk about all that and why there are some surprising things happening just to the south of Panama.

Trying Panama On Like A Piece Of Clothing

Calendar on beach

Even if you think you know Panama is perfect for you, I absolutely insist you come down and try the country on just like you would a piece of clothing. Feel the heat, experience the people, do research at the grocery and drive in the traffic. Did you find yourself comfortable and not just on vacation? It’s all vital to making that decision about buying property here.

Bill W Lives In Panama

Different people look for different things when considering a place to relocate. While having access to good golf is important for some, having access to strong Alcoholic Anonymous meetings may be even more important for others.If that is on your list of “must haves”, Panama has plenty of English only, Spanish only, bilingual and Al-Anon meetings throughout the country. You’ll be in good company here!

Spotlight: Panama vs. The USA!!

Jorge Villafaña of the United States, right, trying to clear a ball against Panama’s Edgar Barcenas in the first half of a Gold Cup match.

October was an exciting time for Panamanian soccer as they qualified for the 2018 World Cup for the first time in this small nation’s history, defeating Costa Rica 2 to 1. The streets were full of celebrating Panamanians, who were filled with national pride at this landmark achievement, and President Varela even declared the next day a public holiday! It’s always exciting to follow Panamanian sports as they steadily gain standings internationally – Russia 2018 here we come!