Flying High In Panama

What About The Infrastructure?

Fourth bridge nightscape

Panama is flush with funds from the Panama Canal expansion and the government is pouring resources into the infrastructure of the country. A new fourth bridge, the only metro in Central America, better roadways and a push to learn English are just part of the initiatives. It’s a good time to be in Panama.

How Different Is Retirement In Panama?

Senior Couple Yacht Ocean

The United States is a first world country and Panama is a developing nation, so there will always be differences.

The food, the language, the customs are different, but there is a lot of positives about moving to Panama and it’s not just because it’s less expensive. It’s exciting to be with people who thrive in different settings.

Let’s Take A Helicopter Ride!

Helipad Casa Bonita

It’s good to know people with connections and sometimes those connections will result in some unexpected surprises. Helicopter rides, a limo and free nights in a vacation spot are just some of the perks that come with working with a Panamanian real estate professional.

If you are ready to talk, consider talking high in the air.

An Exciting Time To Be In The Market!

Money IRA

With the stock market on a wild ride upward, plenty of Americans have seen their retirement nest egg grow. With the increased funds, it might just be the time to invest in something other than the market. Of course taking your money out of an IRA may incur penalties and taxes, but not if you just roll that money into a self-directed IRA. Investing in property is a good way to diversify while continuing to save for retirement without penalties. There is no limit on the profits you can realize with a self directed IRA so you can dramatically increase your retirement fund well past the direct contribution limits. Keep in mind that you must do it legally or Uncle Same will show no mercy. Panama is one of the countries leading the way with self directed IRAs.