Author: Liz Larroquette

Whether you are looking to retire in Panama, relocate your family, or buy property as an investment Liz is a wealth of knowledge you can and should tap into.

Once A Zonian, Always A Zonian

Lots of Panamanians speak English fluently, including many well-to-do locals who have studied in the United States, Canada, or Great Britain. Servers in fast-casual restaurants often speak well enough to have a light conversation and most medical doctors and pharmacists are completely comfortable discussing complex medical situations in English.    And then there are the Zonians […]

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New Opportunities in Boquete

Many retirees are not looking for the urban hustle of Panama City or the business vibe of Costa del Este. Even the beach properties of Gorgona and Coronado have not answered the call for those seeking a location with a more moderate temperature, laid-back feel, and generally lower cost of living.   Boquete, a small town […]

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Movie Ramifications

Most North Americans actually know very little about Panama. There is the Panama Canal and the invasion by the United States to depose General Manuel Noriega more than 30 years ago, but generally, that completes the list. In a recent poll, individuals in the US, Canada and seven other countries were asked about their knowledge of […]

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Goodbye 2021. Hello, 2022.

Now that we have put 2021 behind us, I would like to share with you some of the exciting things that are coming in 2022. While the year 2021 was certainly miserable for many, there were also outgrowths of the pandemic, both positive and negative, which will affect Panama for generations.   After a difficult continuation […]

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If You Build It, Will They Come?

It’s no secret that between the Millennials and pandemic, how we work, live, and communicate continues to change and evolve. Only a few years ago employees filed into offices and cubicles without question or complaint. If someone was “working from home” it was questioned and silently considered a day off regardless of what was accomplished. Today, […]

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Panama Tourism Is Exploding

As the long, long season of COVID-19 wanes, everyone worldwide seems ready to get back to traveling. Booking sites can’t take reservations fast enough, wedding venues and caterers are booked months out, family celebrations are hastily being planned, sporting, arts, and musical events are back and Panama, it seems, is at the top of many travelers’ […]

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