Renting, Investing In Panama Checks Lots Of Boxes

Seaside House offers an incredible location and high return on investment (ROI). Ideally located just off Avenida Balboa, the complex is near the subway, grocery and pharmacy outlets, retail, and various restaurants.

The adage in real estate is location, location, location. The bottom line in finance is Return On Investment (ROI). Today, you can realize both with the same property in Panama City. There is solid marketing research behind why the new Seaside House residential tower located just off Avenida Balboa in Panama’s capital city is ideally located with excellent ROI potential.

Designed mainly for the rental market with one- and two-bedroom apartments and hotel-styled amenities, this privileged venue is just moments from Panama’s exceptional public transportation system, including the subway and metro buses. It is also near several full-service grocery and pharmacy stores, banks, restaurants, and shopping complexes. Additionally, it is one of the few residential concepts adjacent to the $28 million revitalization district styled after the Lincoln Road Mall in Miami. It includes offices, upscale hotels such as the Le Meridian, open-air eateries, green spaces, pedestrian walkways, and vibrant nightlife.


Retirees and Young Professionals

While the property will attract both the renter and owner, it will be especially desirable to retirees seeking a less expensive residential option than those currently offered in North America. It is also well suited to the young professional working in Panama at one of the many multinational companies with regional offices and employees in the city’s substantial financial services sector.

The units will range from 603 to 689 square feet with an open floor plan, full kitchens, marble throughout, and floor-to-ceiling windows allowing for natural light and views of Panama Bay.


Baby Boomers Are Here

This year and continuing until 2030, over 10,000 US Baby Boomers will retire daily. Individuals born between 1946 and 1964 will join the 49 million already retired. Given the economic reality, creating their best life in retirement or semi-retirement will be challenging, and Panama may offer a great solution via renting.


Since over half of the Baby Boomers in the United States have not adequately saved for a comfortable lifestyle in retirement, they are faced with living primarily on an average monthly social security check of $1,666, less the annual average cost of $4,300 in medical expenses after Medicare. Many other retirees have saved enough to augment social security but not enough to live comfortably in the United States.


Options for seniors range from aging in place in their own homes (with costly refits) to paying an “entrance fee” between $100,000 and $1,000,000 plus monthly maintenance fees of $2,000 to over $5,000 to move into a retirement community. Not all retirement communities require an entrance fee, but the average monthly charge is more than $4,500 without many amenities. Others will live more modestly alone, with other retirees, or with children.

Seaside House will have a recirculating jet warm pool, plus a walk-in entrance to accommodate older residents. A full gym, plus 24-hour security and two floors of social area is also available.

World-Class Medical Care; A Vibrant Social Life

Seniors and young professionals alike have a list of desired factors when considering where to live, in addition to affordability. Seaside House offers easy access to cost-effective and world-class medical care, security, reliable and high-speed internet, inexpensive help with housekeeping, carrying in packages and groceries, plus amenities for an active lifestyle with access to a gym with personal trainers, pools, and a Jacuzzi hot tub. 


Seaside House is one of the very few options for renters in the area looking for new construction and a compact footprint, creating demand and high rental rates. With on-site property management, it also offers a turn-key solution to the owner-investor by providing exceptional customer experiences for the renter, enabling the highest rental fees.


On-site property management is ideal for both the renter and the investor by offering immediate attention to issues and a daily positive customer experience. The lobby is inviting and warm while also offering a professional tone.

Great Weather And International Connections

Panama offers excellent year-round weather and easy access via international air travel with over 80 direct flights to cities worldwide, including Paris, New York, Frankfurt, London, Atlanta, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Madrid, Houston, Toronto, San Francisco, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Miami, Montreal, and Istanbul.


Priced From Low to Mid $200s

Well-priced, new residences such as Seaside House are almost impossible to find in this central location, especially with a long list of amenities. Full kitchens, upscale marble throughout, and an open layout lend to a lifestyle preferred by long-term residents.


Seaside is an incredible investment opportunity with prices in the low to mid $200s. This new project is expected to sell out quickly and will begin accepting residents in late 2026. Many investors are seeking multi-units. For more information, please contact me via email, phone or on my website: