I have always enjoyed showing Casa Bonita to clients from around the world.

They are beautiful homes which overlook the Panama Canal. I also never get tired of watching the boats queue up and wait their turn to move from one ocean to the other. The Canal is simply the most incredible engineering feat and a large part of why Panama is so strong economically.

A Sister Building Announced

Indoor jacuzzi tubs are just part of the Pearl Club Spa which is exclusive to the residents of Casa Bonita and the five-star Westin hotel located in Playa Bonita.

The Bonita residences have been extremely popular, so it was no surprise when it was announced that a sister building was to going to be added. Part of the reason for the new project is because the new fourth bridge is now under construction and slated to span the Canal with six lanes of motor traffic, two metro lines, bike trails and pedestrian paths. The bridge will go a long way in eliminating traffic congestion from Panama City to Panama Pacifico, Playa Bonita and the interior of the country.

Currently you can take an Uber for $11 and go from Casa Bonita into Panama City in 15 to 20 minutes, but the new bridge will open up the area to workers, residents and visitors. Casa Bonita shares amenities with the Playa Bonita, a five-star Westin hotel that includes a fabulous Clarins Spa and gymnasium.

A Lux Setup

It’s a pretty sweet setup just steps from Casa Bonita. I admit, sometimes I take it a little for granted, but the other day I was reminded of Casa Bonita’s specialness. Forget that you have the Canal, which never grows old; the stunning sunsets; the flora and fauna which are some of Panama’s most beautiful and a private beach that begs you to take a walk. Amenities are over the top, including a pool with a waterfall that looks out over the Pacific Ocean and 24-hour concierge services.

The view at Playa Bonita is always stunning, but as day becomes night, the view is even more incredible.

Choppers And A Motorcade

I was waiting for a client the other day when I suddenly heard choppers overhead and then a fast approaching motorcade into the Bonita compound. The helicopters were not the ones I’m accustomed to seeing going in and out of Playa Bonita. I regularly use the Empresas Bern company helicopters there to maximize my clients’ time when looking for property, but those are relatively small and can only accommodate four individuals. The helicopters overhead were large and Army green and carried multiple people. 

Visiting Panama And Staying Here

Waiting for China’s president on Playa Bonita. Not a bad gig!

The motorcade had big white SUVs and several motorcycles with flashing lights as it wound its way from the front gates to the Mediterranean-Greek buildings of Casa Bonita. At that point, I remembered the President of China, Xi Jinping, was in Panama meeting with our leaders including the Panamanian President, Juan Carlos Varela.

Xi was not the first president to stay at Playa Bonita. Not long ago, I was making my way to the Pearl Club pool and I looked in the gym and former US President Barack Obama was working out on a treadmill. He was in town for the Summit of the Americas in 2015. I immediately thought of reaching for my phone to snap a photo, but quickly thought differently when I saw the German Shepherds and a man with a rifle on the roof.

Security With A View

If there is someone needing security while in Panama, a helipad for easy ins and outs, along with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, then they will be staying at Playa Bonita. I’ve watched movie stars and rap artists come and go, along with kings and political dignitaries. The US Vice President Mike Pence was visiting Playa Bonita and participating in meetings with Panamanian dignitaries when he had to address the terror attack in Barcelona in 2017. That wasn’t an ideal way to show the world some of Panama’s most beautiful areas, but it did illustrate that Panama is a player on the world’s stage.

Everyone needs to see the Panama Canal at least once and it’s a pretty good idea to take in the views of the Pacific Ocean from a beach chair at the Pearl Club. If it’s good enough for kings and presidents shouldn’t it be good for you? The prices will surprise you and the original building is on sale to make way for the new sister building that will materialize shortly.

I’d love to take you around via a helicopter that, while not as large and commanding as the one used for President Xi, large enough to enjoy a stunning overhead view of the Panama Canal and the skyline of Panama City.

For more information about Casa Bonita and what it’s like to live in Panama, take a look at my website: https://www.lizlarroquette.com/casa-bonita-property.

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