Frequently Feared Questions, The Safest Place to Live, and Targeting Expats in Panama

When it comes to living, investing, and retiring abroad, no topic is more important than safety. You could have the most luxurious beachfront property in the world- if it’s not secure, no one will want to live in it. This month, I’ve decided to explore the issue of safety in modern day Panama and how it affects us all.

From frequently feared questions about moving abroad, to the safest place to live, to how safety affects foreigners in Panama, I aim to shed light on issues that are often overlooked or misunderstood. My hope is that these insights will help you make better, safer investments in the new year.

FFQ: Frequently Feared Questions about Panama

Recently, it has occurred to me that many of my clients’ frequently asked questions about Panama are driven by fear. Here are my honest assessments of the most “FFQ” about Panama. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which are worth the nailbite.

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Are Expats in Panama Being Targeted?

As a foreigner living abroad, it’s virtually impossible to escape the potential of being targeted, or at least standing out. Therefore, it’s vital to live somewhere where the side effects of being the “Black Sheep” are kept to an absolute minimum.

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The Safest Place to Live in Panama

What makes the safest place to live in Panama so secure? Learn how the history of this popular community is shaping its future- and the future of those around it.

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