Hell-o! Are You My Kind of Building?

I am always interested in what type of personality a new residential building is going to develop. I know you are thinking an inanimate object like a building can’t really have a personality and of course, you’d be right! I know it’s really the personalities of the people who inhabit the building, but I also think there are lots of other factors that contribute to the vibe, or my definition of personality.

Yami’s Bar recently opened on the first floor of the Royal Palm residential tower and offers a stunning view and an impressive menu.

Take Royal Palm, the absolute beachfront building in Playa Gorgona, about 50 minutes outside Panama City. The fact it is directly on the beach gives it a very different feeling than, say the Arcadia residential tower in Costa del Este. Arcadia will be young and hip, in the city and filled with people who go to work every day in an office. Royal Palm is young and hip as well, but the residents tend to lead a much more laid-back lifestyle, many of whom at least partially work from home or are retired. Did I mention it’s right on the beach?


When you arrive at Royal Palm you feel as though you are on vacation, even if you are simply returning from an office. The parking garage has a security guard who opens the gate and you are ushered into the open-air entrance where usually there is a lovely breeze coming off the Pacific Ocean. With five swimming pools on the property, it sounds like you are on vacation. People are happily chatting and simply breathing in the ocean air is calming.


The building has one-bedroom units that run laterally, as well as larger units with sweeping decks directly facing the ocean. All units boast ocean views and are nestled in two towers that have 28 and 21 floors. When Royal Palm was first introduced, the interest in the building was astonishing. It was like everyone had waited for this type of building and so now, we have limited inventory.


Families and couples come and go regularly because many of the units are income-producing condominiums that are rented both long- and short-term. Initially buyers who were considering Royal Palm simply as a vacation home for themselves and their families, realized the potential for a strong return on investment by purchasing more than one unit and renting them to vacationers.


Adding to the ease of the building and it’s “I’m on vacation” feel, a restaurant recently opened on the first floor, facing the Pacific Ocean and one of the building’s main pools. A favorite time for me is sitting in the restaurant as the rain clouds start to form over the Pacific and then a hardy shower cools everything. It’s usually quick and everyone dashes in for a few minutes to order one of Panama’s national beers or a cool glass of sauvignon blanc.


Come on in and enjoy a cold beer, handcrafted cocktail or glass of wine. You can even watch your favorite sports teams compete!

Yami’s Bar serves an ambitious menu and is easy for full-time residents and vacationers alike. The menu changes daily and is driven, in part, by the day fishing boats that come in and unload their night’s catch at the fish co-op which is within walking distance of Royal Palm. Walking over and buying some of their fresh fish for your own cooking exploits is a fabulous perk, but it’s also nice to have an on-site restaurant too! Yami’s boast their “build a burger” served with fries or plantains and will serve you a massive Caesar’s salad with either chicken or shrimp for around $10. There are plenty of options covering all the proteins, but the focus is on fresh fish. I suggest you order the ceviche and the whole fish!


Because Royal Palm has a sweet price point and plenty of options for customizing units to fit most needs, the developer is ready to close out the building and is offering incredible packages with low, low financing. I just sold a couple of units and the monthly mortgage payment could be covered with less than two days’ rental each month.


If Royal Palm sounds like a place you could enjoy, act quickly before this building is in the books! I’m always happy to chat about Panama property options, both in the city and on the beach! Check out my website for additional information about living and enjoying everything this amazing country has to offer!

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