My Favorite Way to Spend a Weekend in Coronado, Panama

Coronado has a way of unlocking passions.

It did so for me when I moved here, and its what I’ve seen happen to countless expats in the nine years since.

In Coronado, people whose hobbies once consisted of “sleep” and “watch TV” find themselves blooming into fun-loving, grab-life-by-the-coconuts kids-at-heart.

The setting simply calls for it. With its eternal summer and vacation atmosphere, Coronado is like a playground for adults.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Let my weekend itinerary speak for itself.


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I finish my last property tour around 4 PM, and head to pick up the kids. They attend Coronado International School, a great little private academy right around the corner from our home.

We spend some quality time cooking dinner and horsing around until the nanny arrives.

I feel a bit funny calling her a nanny as she’s just in her 20’s! A sharp American girl who recently served in the Peace Corps, she’s a great influence on the kiddies. Plus, they’re crazy about her- sometimes I wonder if they like her more than me!

tryp hotel coronado panama

Once she arrives, I smack on some lipstick and head over to TRYP hotel for their rooftop Happy Hour. Moms need play time, too!

The rooftop affords a spectacular panoramic view of the ocean and surrounding mountains. It’s the perfect place to catch up with friends and introduce new clients to the expat community.

Clinking glasses by the beach at sunset- there’s no better way to kick off the weekend.


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Ssssshhh… Can’t wake the kiddies! I rise early to savor a few moments of solitude with hubby over breakfast. Panama coffee is considered amongst the best in the world, and it perfectly complements Coronado’s tropical atmosphere.

After breakfast, would you believe it, I strap on my athletic gear and head out for triathlon training!

I know, I know, I must be crazy. Trust me, I never thought I’d be a triathlon gal. Coronado and the surrounding Gold Coast gives us such a beautiful setting to amble through, it really makes it fun!

liz larroquette triathlon coronado panama

Of course, the amazingly supportive expats I run with make all the difference. We’re not very competitive as it’s all about laughter and soaking in the beautiful scenery.


Phew, okay. I climb out of the ocean absolutely beat! Time for lunch, wouldn’t you say?

Coronado has too many restaurants to count, so I try to mix it up. Some days, the fam and I will head to the Coronado Golf Country Club for some gourmet cuisine. The pool there is quite inviting, and some weekends there’s even an aquatic jungle gym for the kids.

coronado golf beach resort panama

After lunch, I settle into a hammock and catch up on some reading. It wouldn’t be the weekend without some hammock time, after all!

Hmm, the sun is starting to cool down… perhaps a round of golf is in order?


I’m not even that big of a golf nut, but the Coronado Golf’s 18-hole course is stunning, as is the landscape surrounding it. Award-winning architect Tom Fazio designed it, and his artful expertise really shines through.


One of the popular happy hours in town.
One of the popular happy hours in town.

It’s Saturday, so there’s plenty of fun “themed nights” going on in the local restaurants. I may choose to go enjoy live jazz music, watch a salsa demonstration, try my luck at trivia night, or drag my hubby to one of the more quiet, romantic spots in town. It’s great to live in such a tight-knit community, but sometimes you just want some quiet time!


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Morning and Afternoon:

My kids can't decide which Coronado Golf pool is their favorite. It's a tie between this and the one on the ground floor, they say!
My kids can’t decide which Coronado Golf pool is their favorite. It’s a tie between this and the one on the ground floor, they say!

Sunday is set aside for the kids, so we let them decide where they want to go. The options are plentiful, considering where we live!

The beach offers all the classic activities like surfing, bodyboarding, fishing, and kayaking (and of course, the timeless sand-castle-constructing.)

There is no shortage of pools to flounder through, and Coronado Golf even offers a playground and game room that they quite enjoy. We also like hiking around the area and uncovering new “secret spots” together- last week, we found a great waterfall to splash around in!

If they’re feeling particularly adventurous (and they’ve been very, very good) we’ll head to Nitro City, a nearby action sports resort. There, they go absolutely wild for the jetskis, wakeboarding, kite surfing, and skateboarding area.

I, of course, am watching through my fingers as they pull off crazy stunts (while their father eggs them on, go figure!)


After a kid-friendly meal of burgers and ‘dogs, (good thing for that triathlon training!) we’ll call it a day and head home so the kids can prepare for the school week.

We like to practice their Spanish on Sunday nights- they get enough practice during the school’s “Spanish hour” but I must admit, I get a little twinge of pride hearing them improve!



With the kids tucked in, my husband and I sometimes sneak off to the beach to listen to the tide roll in and talk about all that the new week will bring.

Sometimes, we’ll even bring a little bottle along for the walk- naughty us! What can I say, living in Coronado makes us feel like teens again.

What are your favorite things to do in Coronado, Panama? Please, share by commenting below!

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