Playa Gorgona: A Coming of Age

Those reading of Panama from a plane ride away have heard of Coronado. They know of its rampant growth, its well-coveted condos, the vast assortment of shops, supermarkets, and restaurants. They know how quickly it has risen from a sleepy beach town to becoming the heart of Panama’s Gold Coast.

What they don’t know is that, just 10 minutes up the road, the same thing is happening all over again.

The Coming of Age of Gorgona is almost exclusively recognized by those “in the know-“ observant locals, well-informed expats, and especially those with longstanding experience in Panama real estate.

At the risk of sounding less-than-humble, I am one of them. I have been living and handling real estate in Panama long enough to have watched Coronado flourish from an anonymous getaway to the epicenter of the Gold Coast.

After all, I sold many of the residents and investors in Coronado their condos in Coronano Bay, Solarium, and Coronado Golf, and many other luxury projects.

Now, I’m watching history repeat itself in the neighboring town of Gorgona.

Just 50 minutes West of Panama City, Playa Gorgona is ideally situated to mirror the record-breaking growth of Coronado. Its address is unbeatable- sandwiched between the allure of the capital and the convenience of Coronado. The landscape is uncommonly diverse, with a scenic selection of pristine ocean, overlapping mountains, and untouched evergreen.

And the barely-touched beachfront, quiet in character and dramatic in beauty, whispers of the town’s forthcoming prosperity.

playa malibu gorgona panama beach

Gorgona is designed to replicate the lifestyle that put Coronado on the map. Resort-style developments are underway, new roads are being paved, and ground has been broken on Gorgona’s first modern shopping mall. The sleepy beach town resembles a pre-boom Coronado- and its future has every reason to follow suit.

Take as evidence the fact that Panama’s most esteemed developers have channeled much focus into Gorgona. A fitting example is Empresas Bern, premier developer of over 125 luxury projects including the iconic Coronado Bay & Coronado Golf buildings.

royal palm gorgona panamaEmpresas Bern hand-selected Gorgona as the site for Royal Palm– an absolute beachfront development with an alluringly innovative design. Strategically modeled after the hull of a ship, Royal Palm grants residents a unique and far-reaching view of Gorgona’s natural splendor.

In many ways, Royal Palm is a symbol for Playa Gorgona’s Coming of Age. Empresas Bern developments are known to have a ripple-like effect on the surrounding community, due in part to the company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Already, Bern is implementing an ongoing clean-up program for the Gorgona area, as well as constructing new roads to enhance the area’s connectivity.

With developments like Royal Palm introducing a flurry of investors and property owners into the neighborhood, the area is geared up for progress. As Gorgona launches its own assortment of shops and services, its close proximity to Coronado will become less of a necessity and more of a fringe benefit.

Gorgona’s Coming of Age also brings countless employment opportunities for the local community. Whereas most locals are currently required to travel for work, Gorgona will soon offer an assortment of in-town opportunities through commercial facilities and developments such as Royal Palm.

An outsider walking through Gorgona today would amble through, charmed, perhaps, but not impressed. The town bears a humble façade not at all indicative of its impending transformation.

However, those with a strong foothold in the Panama property market can already spot the changes up ahead. They recognize Gorgona as ready and raring to be Panama’s next big beachfront community.

I’ve put together a short video of Royal Palm, as well as a downloadable info pack. If you’re curious about the development, click here.

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