Royal Palm On The Home Stretch! [Update + Video]

Royal Palm Nearing Completion

The stunning twin-towers of the Royal Palm residential complex located directly on the Pacific Ocean in Nueva Gorgona is nearing completion with the first units anticipated to be delivered to owners in late July. Occupancy permits are being processed and legal paperwork executed. Social areas are receiving final landscaping and the on-site convenience store and entrance hall have new tile work, reflecting the history of Panama.

“The tile work is really a great touch,” said Liz Larroquette, who leads the sales effort on the project. “This tile work is reminiscent of what you find in Casco Viejo, which is the ‘old city’ of Panama. It seems like a small thing, but it really blends the old and new, giving the area a rich, authentic feel,” she said.

The twin towers of the Royal Palm residences is especially striking at night. Here lights reflect off the calm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

“Almost all of this project is complete” continued Larroquette. “We are in the home stretch! The social area is just stunning with the infinity pool looking out over the ocean and we are in final talks with the organization who will operate the on-site restaurant,” she said. “But, like most big construction projects, there have been some challenges.”

Royal Palm, and all other Panamanian construction projects, including the new terminal at Tocumen International Airport and the second line of the Metro, was forced to shut down when negotiations on a new four-year contract between SUNTRAC, the union for the construction workers’ of Panama and CAPAC the employers’ guild, did not reach an agreement and a strike was called.

“There was absolutely nothing we could do and we were shut down for a month,” said Roxi Guerra, head engineer for the Royal Palm project, about the strike. “We resumed work as soon as possible after the contract was signed, and now, we are doing absolutely everything to make these final weeks go as quickly and smoothly as possible,” she explained.

The twin towers of Royal Palm share an entrance hall which has a nod to “Old Panama” with beautiful Casco Viejo style tiles on the floor.

Larroquette reported there were a few ocean-front two bedroom, two-bath units still available for purchase and on some floors limited side-by-side units existed for possible combination into larger residences. “We are anxious to put together units which fill the needs of every type of client,” said Larroquette. “We absolutely love Royal Palm and want the owners to be thrilled.”

The view of the swimming pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean is nearing completion and the on-site restaurant operator is in final negotiations.

Larroquette also explained that Royal Palm’s introductory pricing would end soon. “These prices would normally be gone by now, but with the strike, we were given more time to offer pre-occupancy pricing,” she said.

“I can only hope when everyone sees how stunning Royal Palm actually is, the wait won’t seem as long. The building is still going to be sitting right next to the Pacific Ocean, the views will be breathtaking, all the amenities in place and we will love sharing the beautiful sunrises and sunsets at Royal Palm.”

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