Investors Keep an Eager Eye on Panama’s Gold Coast

Panama’s Gold Coast- the stretch of Pacific beaches nearest to Panama City- has surfaced as one of the most attractive real estate markets on the modern Latin American landscape.

Comprised of coastal communities such as Coronado, Nueva Gorgona, and Punto Barco, the Gold Coast is a utopia of advantages that lay the foundation for an ideal investment opportunity.

Such close proximity to Panama City gives the Gold Coast the priceless advantage of convenience. With Panama’s thriving economy boosting the average income level, increasingly more families and professionals are seeking weekend homes close to the city.

Panama’s growing tourism sector and expat population play an additional role in the rising value of the Gold Coast. With Pacific beaches serving as a preferred destination for foreigners, the Gold Coast is a changing landscape of resorts, shopping centers, residential developments, and a new international airport.

The Gold Coast boasts a distinctive natural beauty that is difficult to surpass, with glistening salt and pepper shores merging artfully into a lush mountainous backdrop. Though so close to Panama City, the Pacific beaches feel a world away.


Even the weather seems to play along with the idyllic serenity of the Gold Coast. Its privileged geographic position allows the region to escape much of the rain that plagues the remaining countryside. When it’s raining in Panama City, the Gold Coast can still be basking in sunlight.

Coronado serves as a prime example of the rapid growth of Panama’s Gold Coast. Anyone keeping a close eye on Coronado over the last few years witnessed it flourish from a sleepy beach town to Panama’s most coveted coastal community.

Those who invested in Coronado early have enjoyed a rise in property value and rental rates as infrastructure and amenities grew along with its population. Today, Coronado serves as inspiration for investment on the Gold Coast as surrounding communities begin to follow its footsteps.

One such example is Nueva Gorgona, Panama’s most promising beachfront community. Ideally located just 5 minutes from Coronado and 50 minutes from Panama City, Gorgona’s pristine beaches and prime positioning is attracting attention.

The most notable upcoming addition to the Nueva Gorgona skyline is Empresas Bern’s Royal Palm, a lavish beachfront development now available for pre-construction purchase.

Empresas Bern played a key role in cementing Coronado as Panama’s top coastal community with its installment of the iconic Coronado Bay and Coronado Golf towers. Now, Royal Palm will be the third pillar to its family of luxury beach developments.

Nueva Gorgona and Royal Palm epitomize the developmental progress underway for Panama’s Pacific stretch. As expansions continue, the salt and pepper shores of Panama’s Gold Coast glitter with opportunity.



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