High Standards for High Season: New Resources on the Horizon

High season is around the corner, and those of us familiar with Panama know just what that means. Soon, our quiet coastal communities will transform into the bustling beach destinations we know them to be. Snowbirds will flock into their seasonal homes, noting the changes of a year gone by, while enchanted vacationers stare with temptation at that condo on the coast- wondering if this will be their time to sign.

This year, I’m excited to offer several new resources to help you make the most out living and investing in Panama. My hope is to share my experiences in a way that will give you another window into Panama and all of its opportunities.

This website will feature insights, strategies, and advice I’ve collected from many years working at the forefront of Panama’s real estate industry. You’ll be able to:

  • Stay in the loop on Panama real estate news
  • Be the first to hear about new investment opportunities
  • Catch and interpret market trends as they come
  • Connect with the community through exclusive social and networking events
  • Learn to avoid the common pitfalls of living and doing business in Panama
  • Participate in contests with prizes such as free nights at 5-star resorts
  • Find answers to all your most pressing questions about Panama
  • …and a whole lot more.


Frankly, the resources I share won’t be right for everyone (e.g. people who don’t like fresh air, a low cost of living, and affordable medical care.) If my instincts are right, they will be for you.


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