New Resources, Royal Palm, and the Gold Coast Expansion

Panama is the place to be, whether you’re looking to retire, relocate, or invest. But finding quality news and information about Panama (especially in English) is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s why I’ve created this monthly newsletter, in which you’ll find important sound bites from the news, events ranging from happy hours to triathlons, information about the evolving real estate landscape, and more.

High Standards for High Seasons: New Resources on the Horizon

Few places in the world boast a community as warm or welcoming as that of Coronado and the Gold Coast. With high season around the corner and so many fresh faces joining our seaside society, I’m excited to offer several resources for staying better connected on the coast.”

Investors Keep an Eager Eye on Panama’s Gold Coast

Panama’s Gold Coast is a glorious and dynamic landscape of natural beauty and community growth. Learn which coastal communities are spearheading the evolution of Panama’s Gold Coast- and what exciting new developments are on the horizon.

Empresas Bern Adds New Development to the Gold Coast

Keep your eye on the skyline- a new set of lavish residential towers are soon to be gracing the shores of Gorgona. As the closest Pacific beach to Panama City and Coronado’s nearest neighbors, this resort-style development offers a luxurious and convenient getaway in a coveted location.


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